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Take It To The Stage 2016

"Take It To The Stage" 2016 was fantastic! We had rehearsals leading up to the event which meant that everyone knew each other before hand. It was the first time we had performed songs as a full group for Take It To The Stage...harmonies a plenty! We also had a fun warm up session before (lead by all the performers!!)..all in all a lovely positive performing experience.

Im excited to see what we will have in store for next year... 

Laurence Sutton

Jessie Lambert

Mumtaa Chohan

Megan Oakley & Maddy Jones

Kamil Drozd

Chloe Shaw

Chuma Mmojieje

Grace Appleby

Georgia Cropper,Grace Appleby, Holly Mourbey,Shania Rattoo & Sophie Bolton

Shania Rattoo

Chloe Shaw