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3 Top Tips for Good Singing- Breathing

Singing should be an enjoyable experience and should feel easy and comfortable!

As a vocal coach, I come across many people who struggle with diaphragmatic breathing (breathing using the diaphragm). Some people have been told how to do it incorrectly or have just misunderstood. I want to show you how to apply breathing techniques to allow you to start to sing with ease.

Breathing is the very foundation of good singing. Without it you may find yourself pushing with the throat or just giving up on holding the note altogether!

3 Top Tips on Breathing- an Introduction

How should I breathe when I sing?

Tip 1.

Imagine there is a big red balloon inside you that you are filling with air. You should see your stomach move out when breathing in (filling the balloon) and move out when breathing out (puching the air out).. Sticking your stomach out should automatically help you to breathe in low. Practice this in front of a mirror as you should see the movements clearly. Ensure that your shoulders and chest stay low! Your stomach should feel like an accordion...moving in and out. This may feel strange at first however is the breathing we should be doing naturally. Practice until you do not need to think about it but review regularly to make sure old habits do not return!

Tip 2.

Candles exercise

Imagine there is a cake in front of you.

Use one breath to blow all the candles out. You should feel you are using your stomach muscles to blow each candle out, emptying your lungs as you do so. Use ONE breath in for as many candles as you can. This should feel like you are doing lots of little sit-ups!!

Tip 3.

Stand against a wall

Using the wall as support will help to support your posture when you breathe. Keep your shoulders pressed against the wall. This will help you to use the correct abdominal muscles when breathing allowing you to use more power on the sound!

Using these tips regularly should help to develop better breathing control and therefore better singing. 

Good luck!!