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"My experience with KM Vocals has been amazing! I have learned many thanks about my voice and powerful it can get. I have learned lots of techniques and I am much more confident now about my singing than I have ever been before. I am grateful for the techniques, performances and for bringing me out of my shell as a singer. Joining KM Vocals is the best thing I have ever done!" Gabrielle

"I have noticed great improvement in the tone of my vocals as well as the strength of my vocals overall.  KM Vocals has helped my improve my singing abilities and also the theoretical side" Kamil

"Karla has "pushed" me just enough each lesson to make it a challenge and have fun too. Her suggestions about songs and ways to sing them give me something to work on for the next lesson. I love coming to lessons and I have improved in confidence on stage and within myself as a singer." Lee

"Thank you for taking your time with me, you have put me right at ease from the very beginning and I really feel I have found a voice. You are an excellent teacher and every lesson has been great." Natalie

"Karla is extremely hardworking, professional in her manner and fantastic person to boot. Her technical skills are second to none and anybody looking to develop their own singing skills would be silly not to have a chat with her to see how she can help them out. Her gigging and life experience make her a brilliant asset in any role, as a singer and as a teacher."  Jamie


"You really have a lovely energy and it felt really relaxed following your instructions and being around you. It definitely opened up my "sleepy" musical love. "  Sophie






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